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Become a Sponsor

  • cycling accessories
  • school supplies
  • travel arrangements (air tickets, car rental for the supporting team, accommodation, transfer of supplies)
  • laptops, cameras, tablets, smartphones for schools' staff

Make a Donation

The most preferable way to make a donation is via bank transfer, as there are no extra fees involved. In this way we make sure that the children get the 100% of your contribution.

Join our Team

It would be a real pleasure for us to widen our group and at the same time offer 4500 smiles to children. There are lots of things to be done in order to get everything organized! YOU can be part it! If you are inspired by the project contact us and let's spin the wheel together!

Create your own Campaign

Whatever your occupation is, you can help! Organize your own event, share your idea and invite people to participate all together. Feel free to contribute in your own way. It can be a lesson, a party, a concert, a service or...?