What we do

Our vision is to make our world an inspiring place to live! That's why in July '17 we are cycling 700km in Africa – from Malawi to Tanzania, escaping from our comfort zone and overcoming our fears.

Our goal is to support on our way 4,500 children, in 15 schools and donate stationary, notebooks and sport equipment. With your support, MTENDE Foundation will also receive 3 laptops and 1 camera. MTENDE Foundation is a Malawian NGO that supports vulnerable communities and community based organizations to develop a well informed and self sustainable community!

Why Africa?

The average classroom lacks the basic essential school supplies that offer a meaningful educational experience for kids. The parents cannot provide the quality and quantity of supplies needed. The lack of school supplies affects negatively the quality of education that the children receive.
In numbers:

  • -1 in 3 adults in Africa cannot read.
  • -In some classrooms, children share 1 pencil between 20 students.
  • -34 million children (1 in 5) are out of school - 90% of them live in rural areas.

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The project is under the direct support of Anike Foundation, a non-profit organisation that fights for a world in which people in underdeveloped and developing countries have similar access to educational facilities and infrastructure as those in developed countries.

The schools we are going to visit are the following:
  • -Magwero Primary School
  • -Mtengowanthenga school
  • -Mponera school
  • -Madisi school
  • -Kasungu school
  • -Nkhamenya school
  • -Kamalambo school
  • -Chamakala school
  • -Luviri school
  • -Kazomba school
  • -Kakhuta school
  • -Chikangawa school
  • -Katoto school
  • -Ekwendeni school
  • -Livistonia school

Who we are

Soula Papagaki, Collection Manager

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'!

Alexandros Kataropoulos, Supply Chain Manager
Logistics Manager-Cycling Member

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today..

Dimitra Mitsogianni, Teacher
Cycling Member

I'm Dimitra.I'm no different than you i may be your neighbor, your colleague, your teacher. I can't tolerate the thought that while we spend money on meaningless material things, somewhere else children die out of hunger or lack of vaccination. Helping the Spin the Wheel project I can do my part pedaling towards a common cause.

Dora Mavriki, teacher for children with special educational needs
Cycling Member

I love, music, painting, cycling, travel. I dream a world of equal opportunities in education, health, quality of life. The thrill is indescribable when you treat someone with kindness and they reciprocate with a smile or a kind word. The world would be better if we all knew that the greatest wealth is the wealth of our hearts.

Georgia Nikiforaki, Physical Education Teacher
Cycling Member

'No Child Left Behind'

Vassilis Dimitriadis, Food Technologist
Cycling Member

I love plants and I want to spread the green everywhere. That’s why I run the project ‘’Green our City’’ that inspires people to green their spaces. From my childhood I wanted to visit Africa and see how I can help people there. I don’t have any children, but I can see the Future in their eyes!